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So sorry for your distress. :( I also has a high ANA titer when my bloodwork was done back in 2001,and I was never formally diagnosed with lupus,I have most of the symptoms.I was diagnosed with Fibro.I have the pain also,along with the anxiety.Try googling antianxiety meds.I though there wasd a Xanax XR which is time released.That might be a better shot for you,because it would slowly be released into your bloodstream,and you would have an even amount of the calming effect in you.I dont think that is anything to be shameful about when asking your doctor.tell her that when you take the regular,it is too fast acting,and your anxiety is back within a certain amount of time.Tell her yoou would prefer a time released benzo that would stay in your bloodstream,helping you with the calming effect.If she looks at you strange,well...then you DO need to seek a new doctor.I am sorry,,I understand that there are druggies out in the world,and all that stuff,,but what doctors honestly need to understand at there are people suffering,and no ne should suffer,or filled shamed,,because they ask a quetion about meds.I acn see where a psyche doctor cant prescribe pain meds,,that should be dome by the general prac doctor,,but you should be able to talk to her about your anxiety and all.I have physical symptoms from my anxiety also..keep us posted on how you feel.. Hope you feel better!!!!

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