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I've been on Zoloft for almost two months (started off @ 50mg, then went to 100mg) for bad anxiety mixed in with a little depression and Xanax as needed.

The Zoloft has helped my anxiety a lot but I have had bad side effects from it - almost constant weird/cloudy feeling in my head and headaches that are almost constant and so painful like no other headache I've ever had.

I talked to my doctor yesterday and he said that while the Zoloft was helping the anxiety part that I definitely did not need to deal with these side effects, especially since I've been on the medicine almost two months (he said the headaches is a side effect from Zoloft but not a common one....strange!).

Anyhow, he is starting me on 20mg of Celexa and said that we can possibly increase to 40mg if it is not helping enough and to let him know if I should get worse with the anxiety or start having depression in the next week.

I'm just wondering what side effects people have had to Celexa and any other advice/suggestions. I was taking the Zoloft at night because it was making me so sleepy if I took it in the morning. I took my first pill last night and was almost immediately very nauseous. During the night when I would wake up I would feel very jittery and anxious - is this just since I don't have the Zoloft in me and am starting a new RX? A little while ago the nausea came back - is this a side effect of Celexa? If so, I'm praying the side effects go away soon! I've been anxious off an on throughout the day today too.


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