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Well people, I started this topic when I was 26 after suddenly experiencing a near-fainting spell which was followed by a dizzy drunken feeling which lasts 24/7.

7 years later, I have to unfortunately say that there is no change in my situation. When I have anxiety, the feeling gets worse. When I sleep a lot, the feeling seems to get a little better. But the 24/7 spaced-out feeling is always there. Never went away for a second during all these years.

A few weeks ago, I had another pretty bad dizzy spell and my spaced-out feeling has increased significantly ever since that moment. I even had to leave work last Friday morning because I was not at all functional. I constantly felt like I was about to pass out. I went to see an ENT who told me "It has nothing to do with your ears. It's called functional dizziness and they'll never find anything for that". Reassuring, isn't he...

Over the years, I have tried several things (chiro, diet, etc), but the only think that appeared to help was anti-depressants. Cipralex (or Lexapro for you Americans) was the one I used. I stopped using it after a month or so because I felt quite better and I just couldn't get past the zero-libido side effect. I'm afraid I will have to give it another try.

Has anybody ever experienced the long-term, 24/7, drunken feeling that I'm experiencing? 24/7 for over 7 years now. I have accepted to fact that I will probably be like this for my entire life, but I will try anything that will help lessen the feeling.

Thanks for listening.
I can't even imagine what you feel and what you have gone through. I'm not spaced out on a continual basis, but I had a severe panic attack 2 years ago (due to the fact that my fiancee and I had to deal with a one year long distance relationship). When I had the attack, I felt spaced out 24/7 for about 2-3 months. I had trouble focusing, concentrating, and I would lose interest in everything. And everything constantly felt very dream-like. I decided to go to the doctor and he prescribed Sertraline (the alternative to Zoloft), and Hyrdoxyz (the alternative to Vistaril). These medications helped me get past the major portion of my anxiety. I was originally on Lexapro, but it is a really powerful anxiety med. I just thought I would recommend these other meds if you didn't really care for Lexapro. Also, do you constantly feel stressed? If so, this may be a big cause to your problem. I'm just curious because you mentioned how sleeping longer sometimes helps and sleeping temporarily relieves stress.

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