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Im sorry that this "demon" has crept up on you again. I can totally relate to what you are going through. I was diagnosed with GAD and Panic Disorder when I was 14 years old, and I am now 39. So I have been dealing with this for 25 years myself. I went most of the time not taking anything, but then I had to do something because it got totally out of control. I took Zoloft off and on for almost 10 years. I'd go off of it for a while and feel fine, then it would all start again, and i'd have to go back on it. I experience the same thing as you though, the health anxiety! It's the worst because you know EXACTLY what is happening to you, a PANIC ATTACK, but yet you start thinking of every medical condition that could be causing it, from heart attack, to stroke, to cancer, to brain tumor etc... Oh yea, i've had all of them! (in my mind anyway). I was just in the ER about 2 weeks ago thinking that there was definately something wrong with my heart, or I was having a stroke or something, and that I was gonna die. After EKG, cardiac enzyme test, and every other blood test, blood pressure monitoring, and one mg. of Ativan through IV. I was given a clean bill of health and sent on my merry little way with my panic attacks. *sigh* It gets so very frustrating and aggravating at the same time. I was having one this morning and got so mad that I started thinking to myself, "ok come on, if you're gonna do this, do it now and get it over with, i'm so sick of you interfering with my life!" I'm so fed up and tired of it anymore. Somethings got to give! So yea, this is the perfect place to vent, because EVERYONE here has experienced exactly what you are going through. I truely hope you get some type of relief and start feeling better soon. God Bless, Fox

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