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I took Paxil myself back in 2002 and had a 60 pound weight gain from it, so I refuse to take that again! I still haven't lost all of the weight that put on. Then I was on Zoloft a few times before and it helped me tremendously, (I don't know why I went off of it in the first place) but when I tried it again recently, it gave me severe panic attacks, and I had horrible dizziness, derealization, shakes, and headache for 2 weeks. I don't recall getting THAT bad when I went on them before. Not sure if it's because i'm currently taking xanax 2-3 times a day, and it's just too much in my system at once, or what. But I would like to get off of the Xanax because I feel that my body is becoming dependant on them. As soon as it starts wearing off I get really anxious, like I have to take another one. I do not like that feeling at all! I've been taking them for about 4 months and to be quite honest, they scare me, just for the simple fact that they can be addicting, and I don't like taking pills in the first place! I'm contemplating giving the Zoloft another try because I just got a refill for 50 mg right before I stopped taking it, so I have that whole bottle left. But i'm kind of scared of those side effects again. Was thinking on Lexapro, but I heard there is no generic for them and I have no prescription drug coverage from my work. I'm gonna go see my Dr. tomorrow and ask him what he thinks my best option would be. My gyno told me a few months back that I was starting perimenopause, that's when all of this started back up again. He told me that since i've had GAD and Panic Disorder already that it would only get worse for me. And boy was he right! So here I am living in this hell of anxiety and panic EVERY day again. Don't get me wrong, Xanax is great for the occasional panic attack, but I don't like it for every day use, it seems like it's making my panic worse!

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