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I just read your post and although it was posted almost a month ago, I felt it needed a reply from me.

I know exactly how you feel about flying. I did not get in a plane for 14 yrs. and not because I was afraid of something happenng to the plane, NO, I was afraid of something happenng to me!

Thought like " What is going to happen when they close the doors?
What is going to happen if I want to get out?
What is going to happen when I start feeling sick?
I am sure you can imagine other scenarios!

Well, with the help of Xanax I have flown many times after that with no problem. Actually I was able to fly to Europe after 25 yrs. and I was OK with 10 mg. of Valium.

The problem really happens right after I make my reservation, when I visualize all the above scenarios in my head, and I feel such panic coming on, at the thought of getting on that plane!

I can tell you from experience that it can be done! Take things with you that will keep you occupied, such as an Ipod, a book, a deck of cards, anything that won't make you aware of where you really are.

By the way, I have also flown without taking any thing and I was able to do it and so can you!
Jetblue is the best with their TV's and music.

I don't like flying either. I'd do the Xanax, you might need more than you normally take, I did when I went for an MRI. Can you bring one of those hand-held fans with you, the battery operated ones, you can blow it on your face if you feel suffocated? Also, and this was a tip from someone doing a colonscopy, she puts a dryer sheet under her nose when she drinks that yucky stuff before a test. Since the inside of the plane smells like gas to me, and it makes me anxious, I was thinking of using one on my next flight ! I could keep smelling it and get rid of that gas smell in the fuselage. Also, you can get up and go to the bathroom if you're afraid others might notice. I might go for a less crowded flight, or a night flight, where your body will be tired anyway and there's less people on the plan. For me, my fear that others will see that I'm freaking out makes my freaking out way worse. Case in point, the MRI, which I was so embarassed I wanted to cry and run. If you don't like dryer sheets, try something else that you can stash in your purse and smell, some kind of essential oil or mint or something strong. Heck, even Vicks would work! I'd also bring a headset with music and plug in as soon as I boarded. Once you get through this flight, you'll be really proud of yourself. Stack the deck in your favor!

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