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Maybe you should post more often instead of just the worst times. I come in here and read. Let me clue you in on something that I'm sure someone taught you and you just forgot. Nobody can walk until they crawl, and every person needed someone at some point in time. As much as we would love to walk around with this ego and say we did it and did it all on our own. Well, nobody can say that. Someone helped us with something at some point in time. I have been through a lot, I'm making it. Maybe its not all what I imagined. But I'm fine. I had to take a true look at my life. There is no way that if all of the bad in my life didn't happen would I be who I am today. I am so proud of all of the bad and the good. Someone could walk in here and take every material thing I own. Yea I wouldn't like it, but does any of it have any real value. To me there is nothing like seeing my boys. Or watching other people admire our relationship. Life alone is a blessing, even when it's bad. We will learn from our mistakes and hopefully teach someone else how not to make that same one. Now here you are taking a new medication. What if it works just great for you? Wouldn't you want others to know. Maybe one day your looking at these boards and someone is going through what you once did. Your experience can help them. I know that when I help others even if its only in here I feel good about that. Knowing I could take my experiences and help someone else can make my worst day into my best.

There is another med that guys I know that used to be users take its 300mg slow release Welbutrin. Its a MOA inhibitor. So if the one your starting dont work out for you maybe you can ask about that one.

OOOO just a thought the next time the children don't want to go to sleep find a book that you would like (not what they like). Go in there all cool like, sit down act like you got the greatest thing in the world. Trust me when you start reading they're either going to lay down or fall asleep. If they get up, just look all surprised and say "oh you want me to read some more" LOL Do it in monotone voice to LOL

Stay in touch, let me know how your doing. Please don't wait til your worst day

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