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Hi everyone! I have been suffering from anxiety my whole life, although I have been on medicine for the past 9 years. I just had my son 8 months ago and prior to getting pregnant and while pregnant I went of my medicine (lexapro at the time) and felt great! After having my son, I went back on zoloft because it was the only thing I could take with nursing. I was on zoloft in the past, it worked for a bit, then stopped working...then they switched me to lexapro and it worked great.

Anyway, to make a long story short, 2 weeks ago I was driving to the food store and made a quick left and then a quick right. I believe something must have thrown me off balance in my side view mirror, causing a flight or fight sort of reaction in me because I felt extremely dizzy (I don't even know if dizzy is the right description for what I felt)...I almost felt like someone jolted my head back and forth. I was a little anxious prior to this happening, so I (and the doctor) attribute that episode to anxiety.

Well, it totally freaked me out, and now it is all I think about. I'm dwelling on it happening again. If I don't think about it...I am it is obviously anxiety. But, of course, being an anxious person, I think "what if it isn't anxiety??" This has caused me to be on edge for the past 2 weeks. I'm overly sensitive to fluorescent lights as is, but now this over sensitivity and overly worrying is causing me to panic, feel out of it, and feel "dizzy" all day long. I almost feel like everything is coming in at me and like I am small...if that makes any sense. That all of course causes me to panic and then feel like I am going to fall over or like my eye sight is going to start acting weird or like I am going to have that weird dizzy/head banging feeling again (which is what all this new obsessed panic is coming from.)

Has anyone else ever had something like this? I am done nursing, finally, so I plan on switching to Lexapro I'm hoping it will start working asap and I'll feel better soon. In the meantime, any words of encouragement/similar stories...anything...would be greatly appreciated!!!

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