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Hi there. To make you feel a little better, I went to the Urgent Care last Saturday because I was thinking I too was having heat problems (chest pains), they immediately rushed me to the ER, where they immediately hooked me up to all sorts of stuff and lots of blood drawn, EKG. Dr. said I was ok. I don't believe him. But I do have an electrical problem in my heart so that is why I'm always scared something is wrong with my heart. Now I have to go in and take a stress echo test, mainly for my piece of mind they said. I still have to get the courage up to go take it though.
So, you are not the only one who has this. A lot of us have this, and we are all sick of the way our minds work. Don't be afraid of the Zoloft, it is really good for people with anxiety. And don't worry if you have no depression, a lot of SSRI's work on people with just anxiety disorders. I could not tolerate Zoloft, and so I'm on my 4th medication - Celexa. I am on day 6, so I'm hoping it will work. I take xanax as needed. The Dr.'s here all hate it, they love to push the SSRI's. There is only one Dr. who will prescribe it to me, and it is not my regular GP or my psych, it is my gyno. He said some people need xanax, and while they may get dependent on it, the quality of life at some point becomes the main concern. And all my Dr.'s know that I'm on xanax, but I do not ever abuse it. I too scared of pills! lol. I took Lexapro 5 years ago for my severe anxiety and panic attacks, and it helped really well, to the point that I did not need xanax for a long time. Then it was only rarely when I would need it. I am hoping Celexa will get me to that point again.
Start the Zoloft, and hopefully they started you on a low dose, and then work your way up. You will have lots of support here.
Good luck!

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