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Hello all,
I am 29 years old and experienced my first Panic attack on 08/10/2011- I was sitting at home relaxed and all of the sudden I started to feel not quite right. I kept feeling like this emptiness in my chest- then all the sudden I felt like my heart stopped real quick ( I don't know how to really explain it). There was like a quick sensation of electric shock from my chest thru my neck to my face. I felt like I was going to pass out so I jumped up and ran to the restroom, splashed my face with cold water, I then immediatley started panicing-my heart started racing- thought I was going to have a heart attack or a stroke or something, I just knew it wasn't something I had ever felt before and it was far from normal. I ended up have my boyfriend take me to urgent care. At that point my chest was hurting, I felt discomfort and tightness- The urgent care checked my Oxygen which was 100%- my pulse was high and as well my blood pressure- They did an EKG which was normal- just showed some sinus arrythmias (which I am told are normal as well). The urgent care gave me a prescription for Xanax and told me I had a panic attack and anxiety and spoke about our fight or flight response. I was then to follow up with my PCP. I followed up with my PCP who just had me continue taking the Xanax- I continued to have this electric shock sensation one more time (in which I took a xanax and was able to calm myself down) - I continue to follow up with my PCP who initially perscribed me Lexapro- I went to the pharmacy to pick this up and it was like $50.00- I called my PCP and requested that something less expensive was called in. They then put me on Buspar- I started out with 30mg (took half the pill in the morning and then the other half in the evening) I tried this medication for about 3 days but it messed my vision up and my pupils got really small- I felt worse than before I took it. My Dr then changed my medication to generic zoloft 50mg- This medication made me super panic like- I couldn't concentrate at work, I felt edgy and started freaking out. The Dr thought that maybe I was just too sensitive to the medication potency so I am now taking 10mg a day of Fluoxetine (generic for Prozac) I do not like this medication either- I feel that its making all my muscle twitch and is just giving me more anxiety. But I am continuing to take it, in hopes that these side effect will eventually subside. (I only take half of a 0.5mg xanax too). I hate anxiety and anxiety hates me. I do not feel like I can function on a daily basis, I've missed work, I dont' want to get out of bed because I do not want to face it. I was seeing a counselor for about 4 weeks but didn't feel like this was really helping me either- she was trying to dig into my childhood and telling me what kind of person I was, she basically told me- after I has told her my stress- "I don't know what you could do, you are kind of stuck in a sucky situation". Now I see a psychologist bi weekly who tells me how to breathe and that I should excercise (I was excercising but got scared) I keep having these horrible chest feelings, pain in my left arm and hand, muscle spasms, face spasms... It's like the Drs cannot convince me that my heart is normal. I have had a 48 hour monitor too, and that was said to be normal, I had a chest X-ray and that was said to be normal. I don't get why I have like these heart skips and my whole chest goes ice cold- but nothing is wrong with me???? It's frustrating. I am attempting to do the mind over matter thing- but it's really hard when I have these physical things happening. Oh, the day after my first panic attack ever 8/10/11- I was driving to work and got rear-ended on the free way. (So it could be possible that some of my pain is from the accident, but it's hard for me to handle it like I could in the passed). Then about a month ago I was driving to the Dr from work- to follow up for my panic attacks and some guy jumped of the bring onto the freeway during rush hour, right infront of my car. It's like things don't stop. My uncle has been in and out of the hospital every day the last month so he probably won't be around much longer- What do I do? I feel stuck... Do I just have to live with it? What has helped other people? Sorry to write a book, but it's so frustrating for me. I always had thought of myself as pretty healthy, strong... except I smoke cigarettes- That's probably not helping my anxiety much- I know that... But really? Has anyone tried acupuncture for anxiety/stress? other techniques? classes or groups? I am supposed to have a stress test coming up shortly- still waiting for the Dr to call me back on that. I need to convince myself that nothing is wrong with my heart. I really messed myself up when I started googling my symptoms. I need a cure. I know that there are people out there with conditions worse than mine, I know... but it's still hard to deal with. My Dr pretty much thinks I am like a hypochondriac I am sure. But I kind of feel that way right now. I need to get this demon out of me!!!!!

Thank you for any type of response.

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