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Hello all, first timer here but I'm really looking for some advice from people who have been here.

I'm 26 years old and about 8 - 9 weeks pregnant with my first child and prior to that was taking Cipralex and Quetiapine for both depression and anxiety/panic disorder (originally depression since I was 18 that later developed into an anxiety/panic disorder). My doctor promptly wheened me off all medications as soon as I found out I was pregnant. He wants to keep me off medications during pregnancy and I believe it's the right thing to do as well (he's been my family doctor since I was 5 and I trust him with my life). The problem is that in the inital first stages of coming off the medications I was okay and getting ready to return to work (as I had been off and on Extended Sick Leave for a few months). Now however I am back at work and have completed my inital training and once again experiencing anxiety and a terrible amount of fear prior to working. Often times leading to panic attacks and now combined with the morning sickness, throwing up.

My initial reaction is to want to run away and quit or tell myself that I won't go in today with the promise that the next day I work I will absolutely go in (sort of like procrastinating things). I feel like quitting isn't an option as it took a lot to get this job and I'll never have this kind of opportunity again. I feel I'll let my whole family and myself down if I run away from it. I've tried different coping techniques like talking to loved ones and not thinking too far ahead (focusing just on the moment rather then overanalyzing things) and it doesn't seem to help. I only seem to calm down after I've made the decision not to go into work. Of course, my husband is trying to understand but he's told me it's very hard for him to do so and he can't help but get angry when I don't go to work.

All of this being said, has anyone else had this kind of anxiety? How did you cope? Please try not to suggest medications as I am pregnant and for the sake of my baby wish to stay off medications if possible.


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