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Oct 26, 2011
I am new here. I just went to the doctor yesterday and she said I seemed to be experiencing anxiety or panic attacks. I was like what. I have been having other issues. Like loosing weight unintentional stomach problems neck shoulder arm pain and chest discomfort since August. I get were my skin is pale and I get shaking more then it feels like my chest is pounding heart beating fast. I get sweaty feeling in the palms of my hands. Also both hands feel tingly. in my arms the muscles feel weak as of yesterday morning. I still don't feel stressed or worried. I just go through the feeling. I have been seeing the doc and she said my other issues sounded thyroid related my tsh was low normal and the rest came back fine. I have no diabetes or anemia. She told me that with my stomach problems it could cause internal stress that I am unaware of and causing the physical symptoms. She gave me nexium to see if that helps my stomach which she said might help my anxiety. Does this sound like anxiety or panic attacks? I see symptoms match but I don't feel like it is. I don't know anything about panic or anxiety. How do you get rid of it? I don't want to shake anymore.

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