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Hi there everyone,

I just have a few questions. I wonder - has anyone else experienced any of these symptoms due to anxiety?

- Feeling of sensitivity on the left of your body. I find that if I, for example, fold my arms or scratch the left side of my chest, the feeling is more pronounced and obvious on the left compared to if I do it on the right. I just seem to feel more vulnerable on my left (I do suffer from heart-related anxiety).

- Twitches on the left side of the chest - I sometimes feel twitches and little spasms on the left area of my chest. It's not my heart (I always feel my pulse when it is happening, and the twitches are not affecting the heart at all - but I sometimes worry that they are something to do with it - silly me) I also occasionally experience a sudden onset of spasmodic fluttering in my central chest, neck which lasts about a second then completely goes as if I've been connected to a wire for a second.

- Always thinking about death - aside from worrying about my health, I feel very scared about my family's health too. Terrible thoughts can consume me. The funny thing is, that they are quite easily able to pass it off and laugh about matters of life and death, but I am always gravely serious and depressed whenever it is mentioned. Heck, I was watching a TV quiz show today and there was a silly story about a jockey who had a heart attack during a race, and it actually made me very serious and a little bit depressed to hear it! I've a feeling that this fear could stem from a video I saw in biology class a few years back where they showed someone acting out a heart attack in a rather scary way (during which I had a panic attack) but I don't know.

I am unravelling the root of my anxiety a little bit at a time, and I am exploring a number of symptoms and theories at the moment, so I'm just looking for feedback and to hear other people's experiences, so thanks a lot.


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