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Hello, I have had anxiety for over 10 years now. For some reason my anxiety has gotten extreamly bad over the past year. I am having a hard time telling the difference between symproms that I really need to worry about and symptoms just caused by anxiety. I find myself goung to the dr. for everything.Heart palpitations, head pressure, ear pressure, chest pain, nausea, dizzuness etc. I have had moat aymproms xhecked out but I still feel very anxious every time something happens. I was on 25 mg of Zoloft and juat upped it to 50 a month ago but it has not helped. I have done finw on 50mg in the past. I am tired of luving like this. I am constantly afraid I am going to die. On the sueface at work and in public I hide it very well but on the inside I am struggling to just get through the day. ( I am not suicidal, JUST VERY FRUSTRATED). I go to a psychologist and she helps a little but I just can stop the thoughts.It is like I cant tell the difference between a normal bodily sensation and a worrysome one. I worry about them all. Does this happen to anyone else???????

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