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It's time to get back on the merry go round of medications!
About to start a new med...

I have been on Prozac for the last year and a half.I can't say it ever worked fabulously for me,but I felt okay.I decided to get off of it because after about 8 months I started gaining weight that I could not lose to save my life.Plus I felt tired all the time,had some sexual side effects,and did not feel like it was really helping all that much with my depression.

So I have been off it now for about 50 days.The withdraws were horrible,and that is with cutting down from 20mg to 10mg.

I have an appointment with a new Pdoc on Wednesday to get evaluated and I'm quite sure he is going to put me on a new med.I was thinking maybe Wellbutrin because I have been on nearly all the SSRI's and they have either made me gain weight or didn't do much.

I feel like I'm running out of options.I have been on Zoloft,Prozac,Lexapro,
and Paxil.(Paxil being the WORST!)

So,any of you Wellbutrin takers...Did it make you gain weight or make your anxiety worse? I have heard it can make some people more anxious so I'm really scared to take it.But that is if that is even what he prescribes.

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