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I have tried xanax and ativan as needed but they didn't stop the panic attacks or the heart palpitations. So thats why the cardiologist said to take metoprolol he said one in the morning and one at night but it brought my blood pressure down so low, so I just take one at night because it seems the heart palps are worse when I am trying to lay down and rest so then I end up staying up all night wondering if I should wake my husband up. I would love to have kids but how am I suppose to have kids when i am afraid of so many things right now. I thought 5ys ago things would get better but it seems to get worse. We are about the same age, i'm glad to talk to someone that will listen my family and friends don't understand and get so frustrated with me. How about your friends and family and what ages are your children? I can imagine being worried when you are alone with the kids that is one of my fears about having kids plus I am afraid being pregnant...what if the heart palps kill me or what if i have panic attacks everyday while I am pregnant.

The dr. is putting me on klonopin everyday but it's a benzo like the xanax and ativan and I am afraid of getting addictive I just don't want to be in worse shape then I am already. Sorry so long just glad to have some one to talk to. :)

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