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I wish I had advice for you, but I really don't. I just want you to know that you're not alone in feeling like this. The GOOD thing is- that all of your tests have come back negative. I'm always reminded that my mind is stronger than anything and I just have to over power my other crazy thoughts. It's hard, it really is when struggling with anxiety. I don't feel like you have depression (of course I am NOT a doctor!!) it sounds like you have anxiety, though- which could in turn cause you to become depressed because it is so tiring and overwhelming. I just joined this site today and it has helped me reading that I am not alone in this struggle and there are other people that feel the same way I do. Try to keep your mind off of things. You are healthy. Exercise, read a book, play a game, talk to a friend, etc. Keep your mind busy! Hope this gives you some comfort.
Robbie, i can only offer that i'm with you, this week, man. This pain from the shingles thing has me really freaking out and thinking about every thing that it could possibly be besides shingles. Plus 2 and a half weeks of it is really getting to me. i have trouble taking the pain meds as i'm a bit med phobic and they make me nauseous, which pushes my anxiety even further.

i had a pretty heavy panic attack the other night and the rest of the time is spent in just general anxiety. i'm a bit afraid to be alone for too long right now as my thoughts, like yours, turn to catastrophic ones. The more i sit alone, or search the internet, the worse my anxiety gets. Feelin pretty scared and isolated, honestly.

So, the only thing i know to do, and maybe it will help you, too, is that i've been trying to schedule my day as much as i can; even if it's just busy stuff like cleaning a room i've always wanted to. And i'm trying to get out as much as i can. Kinda tough when you have this much anxiety and no one to really go hang out with, but i do what i can. The other thing is making myself go out and walk. i know part of the physical anxiety response is due to adrenaline, so exercising will at least burn some reserve supplies of that which makes it harder physically to be super anxious. Tough to do when your whole groin area is in pain, tho.

We have these thoughts because of our anxiety. Period. i know for a fact of being here before that it can get better with some time. i had a horrific episode (long story) back in 01. Depersonalization, thoughts scattering like a pool break all day, panic attacks, feeling utterly isolated, etc.. Finally made my way out and had some decent years. Right now has been about as bad as its been since then with maybe the exception of my mom dying last year.

But just remember, what you'er feeling and thinking are products of your anxiety. i know that's not gonna make you feel hugely better, but keep reminding yourself of that. Try to take some kind of action. It's something, at least, to cling onto. And some things, like i mentioned above, have a real physical reaction on brain chemistry. i look at it as this is so bad and so painful, ANYTHING i can do that may alleviate any amount of it, i'm willing to try.

Hang in there, bro. i'm absolutely feelin the same way right now. And take that xanax if you have some. Don't try to be a hero.

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