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This might be longer than I want it to be but please, if you or anyone you know has gone through this. Give me your tips/info and how you fixed it.

BEFORE I get started, I will say this. I do not have enough money for a therapist or doctor and I don't have insurance.

It all started in February. I was a little in the ditch over a girl, well a lot actually and I had a heart palpitation. Then I started searching the internet and found all kinds of diseases and things that can happen so I developed a chronic worry thinking they would happen to me. Then shortly after, I started getting a ringing in my ears (it'll jump from right/left) and I mean chronically worrying all day and constantly checking my pulse. I would get tight/intense chest pain, flutters, palpitations, etc. I went to the ER several times for random events and of course.. EKGs and two Echos later and a Stress Test, they never found anything.

Well one day I was out in the sun for a little while, and I got a headache that was dull and I started searching and found information about tumors and aneurysms and then I started to chronically worry about stroke/aneurysms/tumors/heart attack and other emergency events all at once. I'm only 23 and have no family history so I know I have a better shot of winning the lottery than having one of those happen to me but I CANT stop thinking about it.. all day. I am constantly feeling for my pulse to make sure it's normal and constantly worrying.. I just want it to go away. Since that day in the sun after I did research i've been getting all kinds of head symptoms that I never had before that day. Just like with the chest symptoms.. never had any before that day.

now today.. most of the chest symptoms have disappeared but I still worry and still constantly check for a pulse.. I've even had two sinus tachycardias from all the worrying.

My head symptoms:
Head tingling
Those ice pick head aches that only last a few seconds
Lightheaded/numbness feeling
One pupil more dilated than the other at times
ear ringing
Head pressure

My solution.. I drink.. when I'm drinking, most of the symptoms aren't there.. excluding the ear ringing sometimes. If I'm buzzed or drunk, I feel fine. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm living in a hell that I can't escape.. has anyone ever went through this? Beat it?

ALSO, I want to add.. I went to the ER like 3-4 months ago for a lot of head symptoms.. they did a CT Scan of my head and said nothing showed up.
Coree, I have had heart palps for many years & you actually get used to them. The doc told me something as simple as an allergy to something you eat or drink can cause palpatations & ringing in the ears. Caffeine & alcohol could also be a contributor.

Sun can cause headaches especially if mixed with alcohol. Hopefully the anxiety over the girl will pass. At 23 you may not be interested in exercise & eating right but it would help your health & it's never too early to get started in the right direction. If you still think you're not well you should see another doc. Sorry, I couldn't really help. Good luck!
I can relate to you more than you may know. I feel as though I am trapped in a hellish nightmare of one weird symptom after another. I to have heart palps, feel strange, spaced out, head numb ears ringing, dizzy, I could go on and on. I always out of the blue develop some odd feeling that will just ruin me for months on end of pacing and worry. I cant escape my own mind.

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