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Hello all, I'm new here. First let me just explain my background a little...

I'm 28, and was diagnosed with GAD when I was 20 years old. At that time I was put on Lexapro, and given Ativan to cope with the anxiety. I believe I had depression too. The Lexapro took some getting used to, but I got used to it and was on it for about 2 years I would say.

Some years went by, off the Lexapro. I was fine. Probably always had some minor lingering anxiety/depression, but nothing unmanageable.

When I was 26 I went through a very very rough breakup. We were discussing marriage etc. I had to redefine my whole life. I became very depressed and increasingly anxious. Panic attacks came back into my life regularly. I got back on Lexapro, as I had remembered being on it before, so I thought why not? I had some more memorable side effects this time around with it, but I stuck with it and was on it for about a year before I got off of it again.

I've been fine without meds for the past year and a half about? My ex (the one mentioned above) came back into my life after 2 years of no contact. We reconnected and tried to give things another shot. It didn't work out. It's been two months now since the breakup. I was trying to just be "fine", tell myself I was okay and it just didn't work out etc. I guess it was bothering me more than I let myself even realize. A few weeks ago I noticed dizzy spells, so I saw my doctor. All tests came back normal. I broke down crying in the office, now I knew it was probably built up stress. The doctor suggested I try an anti-depressant to help me cope with stressors in my life right now. I told him I had been on Lexapro before, but had experienced some side effects in the beginning, and felt in the end like it just wasn't feeling like much anyway. He suggested I try Zoloft.

I was hesitant to try the Zoloft. He started me at 25 mg. I am very small, and sensitive to medications. I finally decided "why not?" after a day of laying in bed all day doing nothing. I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Well, the first night I had severe insomnia, and a bit of anxiety. So I decided I'd take it in the morning instead, and cut it down to half. 12.5. I did that. within hours I was incredibly anxious and scared feeling. I told myself any meds take some getting used to, I should stick with it, maybe cut it down again. The next 3 days I cut it down to 6mg and still had the same worse...uncontrollable body tremors, tingly/burning skin, vomiting, extreme panic attacks that seemed to last up and down for 3 hours before I'd fall asleep...sweaty palms and feet, just a general feeling of insanity. So, I was on it 5 days total--and after a day of not taking it (probably withdrawal) I felt I had no other option but to go to the ER...I felt like I was losing it. Crying uncontrollably, shaking so uncontrollably, I was scared!

The ER gave me 1mg Ativan, and that calmed me for the night. They also gave me an rx for ativan for 5 days after. It's been 5 days since the ER, and I guess the Zoloft is still in there somewhere...because I am still incredibly anxious/panicy....crying a lot....the ativan is helping a lot. I'm extending it's use because I DO have to be at work tomorrow and don't know if I can function without it. So I'm taking one pill at night instead of 2 throughout the day. I seem okay with that.

I just want to know if anyone else has had experiences like this, does this seem normal? The reaction to the Zoloft? The reaction I'm having coming off of it?? I got on it because I felt a bit depressed/anxious/super stressed...but this seems to have just rocked my world more and now I just want to feel normal. :(

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