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Do you feel as if you don't eat fast enough in the morning, that you begin to vomit/get sick? It really sounds like low blood sugar. Also..the fears, anxiety, are everything that I always have. I am constantly working, stressing, thinking that there is something wrong with me, or thinking negative/bad things. It began to get bad that if I didn't run and have something to eat as soon as I woke up I would be vomiting all day long non stop unable to eat anything. The smell of food would cause me to vomit, or even thinking of food would do the same.

"clammy/cold hands, clammy/cold feet, cold/hot spells, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea / constipation, fatigue, irrational fears(that i find to be rational at the time of panic), constant feelings of dread and worries about my health(which i think may be making things worse,"

I get this so often, every night/day. TO A T. Abdominal discomfort for me is usually feeling 'very full' or 'nauseating discomfort', Fatigue constantly, feeling weak almost like its difficult to just get out of bed?

It kind of sounds to me that you worried yourself, had anxiety, and stress to the point that your adrenals just wore out. You're really young. Doctors will not HELP you one bit , don't bother. The last thing they will tell you is you have the now most common thing effecting countless people.

Do your pupils have a slow reaction time/fluxuate when you shine light in them? You might want to go to the bathroom and check this out it is common sign for adrenals. Go to the bathroom, sit on the counter by a mirror and cover your eyes for about a minute. After a minute hold your head up in the light and look at your eyes in the mirror. If they do not automatically tighten up, or actually /fluxuate to tighten that is your first sign you're adrenals are fatigued/burned out/ or you have some type of insufficeny.

I am currently plagued by irrational fears. I have gone to several ERS and doctors and looked like a pincushion for this very reason. It sounds very much like the problems I have had.

If you want to get better do not exercise excessively. You need to get up and move around a bit during the day, not too much. when you feel like this is a bit easier for you, walk for about 10-15 minutes for a week around the house, or on the treadmill. Slowly work yourself up from there. If you feel like you're 'not up to par' that day, don't do it. Don't overwork yourself it's the last thing you will want to do. Don't go out in public if you feel like if will stress you out, cause anxiety, or make you feel weak/ worse. Just slowly work yourself up to things.

As far as getting better. This can take 2-4 weeks and an upwards of 1 year depending on severity. You will need to start taking supplements to support your adrenal glands.

If you do get an adrenal test run at the hospital/doctor do -NOT- take any adrenal medication. This will make your problems worse, your adrenals will shrink up and you will never get better. It makes your skin incredibly thin, weak, and you might not even get better after 5 'real' natural ways that really treat the problem at hand.

Supplements would be good. Taking a B complex after meals will help you combat stress, GINGER root is AMAZING for nausea, indigestion/ upset stomach feelings and all motion sickness even (So this will be best for you no matter what :) ) , Adrenal Health something that will help your body even if you're just suffering from anxiety, L-LYSINE (helps with stress), Milk thistle, Acidophilis if you have problems digesting, Black cohosh (you definitely should take this, supports your body with everything including anxiety, stress etc etc.)

I really hope this helps you. IF you need any further advice at all I'd love to help. :) I hope that you get to start feeling better. I started having these problems when I was 14 and now 22, the problems have taken a toll on my body, personalty and skin.. so please take care of yourself. You will be thankful later on! :)

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