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My story
Dec 7, 2011
I am 31 years old and i was diagnosed with anxiety disorder a few weeks ago, it is exactly one month now that i have been experiencing this hell.

My anxiety started when i was talking to my friend online one night, we met on an online dating site and have have been talking for the last 3 months and i started to become emotionally attached to this person. I know it sounds really bad. That night my friend was not responding to my texts and i started to panic, and worry that i did or said something wrong, or the person was not interested in me anymore. I realized now that i was continously having these feelings for the last month leading up to my disorder, where i would constantly second guess and worry.

Suffice it to say, that night i did not sleep, so to the night after and the night after. I was freaking out. I was so tired and exhausted i could not come to terms with what was happening to me. Everytime i tried to fall asleep my heart would race faster and my adrenaline would start kicking in, i was so wired. During the day i tried to nap and i couldn't, my mind was not exactly racing but i could not shut down, still can't. During the day i would feel tense, my fists would be clenching and my shoulders and jaw would ache really bad and i would get a cold tingling feeling in my arms and legs, sometimes i would get a brain buzz/ or zap, where my head would feel really weird. I would be so exhausted in the afternoon and get terrible headaches, and feel really bad, overall, like i was sick with something. Tranquilizers or benzos helped me sleep a few hours but was not enough to help me during the day. I changed doctors and got on an antideppressant, that was a week ago, so far i have not seen any huge result still having long nights staring at the ceiling, daytime is a huge challenge for me.

I am still suffering from this, i don't know if this is classical anxiety disorder, from reading the other stories it does not sound like it. but here I am, waiting for this thing to go away.

So far i have been able to reduce my online activity, in an attempt to come to terms with my misguided perception. i still talk to the person but i am not so easily bothered by that the person's activity, i figured that my health was not worth it. i am slowly trying to get over the person and get back with my old life, it's hard though when you have feelings for someone.

I appreciate any advice, thoughts and words.

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