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I don't think that what I'm going to tell you will be a "magic bullet" for you but I'm going to offer a little information anyway. I'm not a doctor and I don't sell any supplements. Just take the information here and do some research for yourself to see if what I'm saying makes any sense.

I suggest you consider the possibility that you might be deficient and/or would benefit from taking a magnesium supplement as well as an Omega 3 supplement such as fish oil. Magnesium deficiency does cause quite a few of the symptoms you've described. Fish oil/Omega 3 can help with stabilizing your mood and decreasing inflammation.

According to some sources, magnesium deficiency is very prevalent in the US because of our typical diet. We are also supposedly very deficient on Omega 3 fatty acids unless you consume enough fish.

I do want to add some caution. There's loads of information online concerning magnesium deficiency. It would be very easy to conclude that you're deficient if you go by what you read online but so far my research indicates that it's really hard to know for sure. Consuming magnesium if you don't need it shouldn't be harmful. However, if the magnesium is not absorbed by the time it gets to your large intestine (very common problem) you'll end up with very runny diarrhea. Personally, I use a time release magnesium 125mg and I don't have any trouble with diarrhea from it. Also magnesium should not be taken by anyone who has kidney problems or disease. If you take magnesium you might also need to take calcium although, if you're truly magnesium deficient you'll likely need to take more magnesium than calcium for the first while.

On the fish oil, I recommend you do your research there too. Fish oil can contain mercury. Also, taking too much fish oil can result in thin blood, particularly if you already take a prescription blood thinner or any other supplements known to thin blood.

A final word. My personal research on nutritional deficiencies indicates that conventional medicine only recognizes the worst nutritional deficiencies. If you ask your doctor about taking magnesium or fish oil he'll probably tell you that you don't need it.

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