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I am wondering if I should be concerned about this being more than just anxiety symptoms.

I will give a general outline of myself, my current health, etc.

Male, 37 chronological years of age. I say chronological because I believe I am biologically much younger, nobody thinks I am this age, they always tell me I look about 15 years younger than I am. But that is not the reason I believe myself to be biologically younger. I belong to a longevity community, that is not the reason I believe myself biologically younger either.

I have had several physical examinations, all of which show the health markers of a 20 year old, according to the doctors I speak with. In fact, the doctors are shocked when they look at my chart and see my age. They generally assume me to be around 19-20.

I take a plethora of supplements, exercise regularly, walk several miles at least 3-4 times a week, and eat a carefully designed, super healthy diet. To what end? Because I am severely afraid of death. I am a hypochondriac of the worst kind, especially when I allow things to get to me. I spend a lot of time alone because I am afraid of people and my reactions to them. I often sit in front of the computer for several hours a day, reading, writing and watching science and technology documentaries. I am essentially a loner who does not see eye to eye with many people on the state of society, although I do share the common observation that massive overhaul is needed economically and otherwise in the legislative branch.

That is not the point though. The point is the reason I joined this forum is because I have been experiencing a severe bout of panic attacks lately. I would estimate I experience one every couple of days, and the symptoms are as follows:

A sensation of warmth, increased cranial pressure, a feeling of stiffness and 'wiggly' feeling around the eyes. increased heart rate, one of my pupils expanding while the other remains contracted (experiencing this symptom now actually).

Now I had about a year between my last bout of severe panic attacks and this one. This years bout of attacks seems to be preceded by physical symptoms. I recently experienced symptoms that were similar to TMJ (tightness and discomfort at the mandibular joint area on the left side of my face, perhaps associated with wisdom tooth discomfort) for about three weeks straight. But these symptoms seem to have waned and given way to what seems to be a neck spasm. When I point my face to the ceiling I experience a lot of neck tightness at the sides and around my adams apple. I believe I may have strained my neck while working out too hard recently. But as always, I am never too certain. So I have been attempting to calm down with the work outs and have incorporated tai chi and yoga instead, to try and get my vascular system to behave properly.

Now, I am on a rather extensive supplement regimen, I will list all the supplements I take below, but for now I will state a couple of recent changes I have made to my regimen. I have been taking S.O.D for about a month, but I recently assumed that perhaps this supplement has been causing me anxiety as it interacts with another supplement. I cannot be too certain so I dropped this one about a week and a half ago. Another one I was taking is 5htp, which i replaced saint johns wort with because although saint johns wort worked fairly well for me, it did produce symptoms of fatigue. But recently I surmised that perhaps 5htp was causing the greater of the anxiety related symptoms, so i dropped it in favor of getting back on saint johns wort again.

Okay so, I had in recent weeks been forced to visit the emergency room twice due to these 'attacks' for lack of a better description.

The first visit I am told I am fine, tested me for carbon monoxide poisoning, placed me on a heart monitor for half an hour, tested atrial function as well, everything checked out.

Second time, checked my heart again, did extensive blood work to make certain I did not have adrenal disfunction, which can lead to potassium depletion and anxiety attacks. Everything in my blood work checked out as fine. My blood pressure was checked about 2-4 times during each visit, which each lasted approximately 2-3 hours each. Both doctors looked at me and said 'you're a healthy young man' you have nothing to worry about.

Since both visits I have had several other 'attacks', again, for lack of a better term, which are very frightening and unsettling. Especially when they result in sensations of cranial pressure and/or numbness of the facial nerves and ocular symptoms i outlined earlier. Tonights attack, which prompted me to join this forum, was pretty bad. I actually thought I was going to die. The sensation is a feeling of inadequate oxygenation, which is pretty close to the last attacks I had as well. I know a term like 'inadequate oxygenation' might make little sense to most of you, but it is the best way I can describe this right now.

Now I have suffered from tinnitus for about 6-7 years now, and taking ginko biloba has somewhat helped. But following a night of drinking, which I do very little of, my tinnitus has increased about 30% and not gone back to its 'normal' level since, this was approximately a month ago.

My primary question, before I get into what my diet is and supplement regimen, is what actual physical conditions do any of the above symptoms correlate with that may not show up on a heart monitor, BP results or in blood work?

One more note about the tinnitus before I continue. It seems to be modulated by both eye movement, neck movement and physical strain. In other words when I move my eyes it pulsates the tinnitus and makes it momentarily louder. Same is true of neck and jaw movement from time to time. Stress is definitely a contributing factor as well, which I have been remedying as of late with valerian root and tension tamer tea, which contains catnip. But the tinnitus gets so unbearable at times it makes me extremely panicky and anxious. I need serious advice on all the above. I was ready to go to the emergency room again this evening because I am afraid there is something they did not find out in the blood work, heart monitor or BP monitor and oral examinations. I am extremely afraid of having a 'silent killer' type disease. it is a paralyzing fear. The increased tinnitus came prior to the TMJ symptoms, I should also note.

I almost forgot to mention I have been experiencing chest tightness as of late, but I attribute it to weight lifting (side lateral raises and such) that are just tightening up my chest muscles as they get bigger. Please take all of this into account when giving me advice. I think the doctors I spoke with attributed most of my symptoms to anxiety, but I am afraid they undermined other possible causes. Part of my problem is I read too much on everything, this ailment, that ailment, this condition, that condition. I love learning, but this paranoia is crippling me.

Okay, now on to my supplement regimen.

B vitamin complex
Vitamin C at 1000 mgs
Vitamin D 1000 IUs
Zinc picolinate 20 mgs
Saw palmetto 600 mgs
Resveratrol 400 mgs
Ginko biloba 60 mgs, sometimes 120 mgs
Saint Johns wort (taken at a much different time than the ginko biloba)
Beta Alanine 1 gram (taken only on days when I work out)
Alpha lipoic acid 50 mgs
Silicon 20 mgs
Manganese 10 mgs
Valerian root 900 mgs (only taken when extremely stressed)
Fish oil (which I recently started taking again) 1 gram
calcium citrate 600 mgs (30% the rda value)
melatonin 3 mgs (for sleep)
biotin 3 mgs
Licorice root 900 mgs (when needed, as a lung cleanser, not taken every day)
Potassium Iodide 150 mcgs (again, only when needed, no taken every day)
Benfotiamine 160 mgs (to lessen the effect of glycation end products)
Taurine 500 mgs

My diet is like this

I eat a lot of fresh vegetables, like Kale, spinach, mushrooms, tomatos, peppers, carrots, broccoli. I eat at least one large salad daily. I eat bananas every day, berries every day, like cranberries, blueberries and strawberries (high in anti-oxidants). For protein I generally consume about 6 eggs a day, but of the organic 'omega 3' variety. I also eat some fish, but I worry about mercury poisoning so I am very cautious about the kinds of fish I eat.

I eat some dairy, cheese and milk but try to keep it organic as much as possible. I consume very little bread and pasta, because I do not like too many carbohydrates in my diet. But I do consume oatmeal for breakfast a lot. I try to keep my sodium intake to around 1000 mgs a day and my potassium intake to at least twice this. I do not eat any processed foods with added sugar. I do not eat table sugar at all. All the sugars in my diet are from natural sources, and if those are kept low. I eat nuts like cashews and almonds, sometimes in abundance. I am very thin with very little body fat.

So there you have it. I certainly hope this is extensive enough to help you come up with some advice on what to tell my health care professional to look for upon my next visit. I just hope it is through appointment and not through an emergency room visit.

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