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First off, i have a 7 yr old son, 9 yr old daughter & great, supportive husband. No reason for anxiety. This all started after thanksgiving. We had 7 people staying with us for a week during the holidays. I was having hot/cold flashes & feeling just BAD. I was in the car one day with my daughter and felt light headed. Overwhelming fear that I was going to jump out of the car and just felt like I was going to lose it. Soon after, I went to the doctor. Found out I had a fever & virus. I think I had anxiety due to a real sickness. My doc also put me on lose dose 12.5 mg of atenolol at night. That's when it got worse. I started having shortness of breath, dizziness, feeling faint, depressive thoughts, wanted to stay in bed, fear of suicidal thoughts which were just crazy! I think it was the atenolol! I am finally off of it & it's been 2 days. I feel better, but there is always a new symptom. I started seeing psychiatrist last may and she gave me Xanax but I rarely take it. I'm scared of an ssri, but I know she will want me on it. I think I am VERY sensitive to meds. I just want to be back to myself! And I keep wondering WHY and WHAT I did to get this:( I used to drink wine socially and even my coffee, but have cut it ALL out completely because of this intense anxiety. Advice on what to do from here? I have a psych appt Monday. Thank you for reading

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