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Persistent anxiety
Jan 8, 2012
I am a twenty year old female who has been normally healthy. have found myself experiencing many symptoms of general anxiety these last three months. AlsoI believe it is caused by a very traumatic past life experience caused by a drug that was life threatening. So therefore i also have been experiencing many post traumatic stress disorder symptoms. My mother also has anxiety. Ive been experiencing symptoms daily that vary. Headache, trembling, seeing light flashes, rapid heart beat, fear of cancer/tumors, ferling very out of it, hot and cold flashes, fear of going crazy, frequent urination, muscle twitches, numb face or sometimes other body parts, wanting to rush off to the closest emergency room, clouded mind and thoughts, random cryings spurs, awful tension in neck , back, and head muscles, fear of taking over the counter medicine due to traumatic accident, and others. I am worried to the toll its taking on my relationship, health, job, and mind. I also have a hard knot on my back of neck that is bugging me. There is no pain when I touch it. Its in the middle just to the right about an inch below my hairline. The tense muscles have been really taking a toll on me. I do not have insurance and really do not feel comfortable talking to a psychiatric person because i do not want medication. Can you give me any advice on how to try to reduce my symptoms myself? Or advice on how to better my situation ? Thank you. I dont want to feel this way for years.

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