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Terminal illnesses Or diseases I thought I had:

Heart problems such as :

-Heart attack
-Sudden cardiac arrest
-Clogged arteries

Abdominal problems:

-Stomach cancer
-Liver problems
-Stomach ulcer
-Thyroid disease or cancer
-Irritating bowel syndrome

Throat/ Lung problems:

- Throat cancer
- Lung cancer
- Mono
- Strep throat
- Asthma

Brain problems:

-Brain Tumor
-Multiple Scoloreis
-Bleeding in the brain


Physical symptoms felt:

- chest tightness ( mostly left side around heart / lungs)
- heart palpitation
- muscle pulled feeling around heart/lungs
- weakness around heart/lungs
- slow heart beat
- heart skipped a beat or has stopped
- bloating
- stomach rumbling
- fullness in stomach
- gassy feeling in stomach
- nausea
- indigestion
- diarrhea
- frequent urination
- shortness of breath
- stomach pain
- burping
- hiccups
- fatigue
- over sleeping
- insominia
- high sexual desire
- strong craving for sweets
- food coming up throat
- depression
- suicidal thoughts
- thoughts of I am dying
- thoughts of impending doom
- frequent yawning
- exhaustion
- tiredness
- back stiffness and pain
- neck stiffness and pain
- weakness in arms and legs
- numbness in arms and legs
- walking coordination problems
- hands and feet going to sleep constantly
- pain and stiffness in arms and legs
- sore throat
- stuffed noise
- throat tightening
- difficulty swallowing food
- throat closing
- extreme dizziness
- nasal drip
- startled easy
- always scared and sad
- constant 24/7 worry there is something wrong
- headaches
- pressure in head
- throbbing head
numb head and fore head
lack of appeitte
over eating
- confusion
- clumsiness
- brain fog
- memory problems
- alternating one side of body weakness ( mostly in arm and legs)
- paranoia
- lump in throat feeling
- weakness or numbness in fingers
- concentrating problems
- blurry vision
- distorted vision
-eyes sensitivity to light
- lightheaded
- heavy headed
- ringing in ears
- pain tightness and weak feeling around kidneys and rib cage
- buttocks falling asleep
- weird pain and weakness feeling in knees
- shooting pain down arms
- pain in both checks
pain in jaw
weight loss and gain


Generally speaking now I have had these symptoms since September which started off as heart problem, then lead to stomach problems, which lead to throat problems, and finally I had heart problems again which eventually now lead to me having problems with my head. I am now convinced I have a brain tumor. I just want to make one thing very clear I don't have all the following symptoms all at once. For example when I had stomach problems I felt that my heart, stomach, throat, we're fine. Now that when I think I have brain tumor my heart and everything else is fine I just now feel head pressure mostly on the right side, I have headaches, my fore head mostly but my head also feels numb, back of my head pressure, numbness weakness and pain in my arms and legs mostly on the right side, I have problems when I walk, coordination problems, vision problems such as blurry vision, eyes sensitive to light, and I finally have extreme dizziness. The biggest symptom which scares me is that of memory problems I am starting forget things like for example I couldn't remember the lyrics of song I used to like the name, the optometrist I go to I can't remember there shop name. These all signs of brain tumor.

Now the next angle to my story is the doctor story I have been to the doctor numerous amount of times, I have also been to the emergency 3 times. These lead to me having 3 blood testes 3 ECG tests, 2 abdominal x-rays , one chest X-ray, I have wore a heart monitor for 1 day called a holter monitor, I have had heart test on a treadmill, I have a abdominal ultra sound, I have had a urine test all come back good no problem at all. Now in the beginning the doctors though I had too much stomach acid building up in my stomach which lead me to have all my problems they diagnosed me with a stomach ulcer but the worse my symptoms got the answer then became ANXIETY.

I have been told by at least 7 doctors I have anxiety and it's just getting worst. I have been recently been diagnosed with GAD generalized anxiety disorder which just means I worry 24/7 that I am dying of a bad illness like cancer or heart attack. Which also makes me a hypochondria which is a person who worries that he has some kind of illness all the time.

Now generally speaking I worry all day I am dying and as of right now I worry I have brain tumor and I urge my doctors to let me have a MRI or ct scan but they just think I have anxiety but realistically I actual something really bad is going in my head. The fear of dying young is really scares me.

Now this all real started in the summer when I started thinking about death, which is never good and has lead what I am now completely hopeless.

Now due the anxiety the doctors think I have I have started taking drugs like ciraplex and Ativan at first I didn't want to take the drugs but when my symptoms got worst I started taking the pills which was as of jan. 6 I have been taking both cause I just want to get better and I hope I have anxiety instead of any other illness. The Ativan I take is 0.5 mg and the cirplex 10 mg both low dose and I don't really think they are helping I feel the same.

Now one of the biggest things which that has probably lead to my sickness the most is searching up my symptoms on google. This just started out as something normal I was typing in my symptoms to see what was going on in my body and this was a bad idea cause this leads to you believing you have the something is horribly wrong like have cancer or terminal disease. I kind of feel the symptoms I read are the symptoms I am getting now. Reading symptoms should never been done it has ruined my life it's all I due too find out what's wrong with me, when mostly likely there isn't anything wrong.

So for now as Jan.12/2012 that's all I have to update on I will keep this so called self blog as long as I can or die or is that depression or anxiety talking. I will update symptoms and new illness I have as soon as they occur also but I hoping these symptoms and hypochondria feeling leaves me soon cause I want to feel what it feels like to be normal.

please help!!!!!

thank you

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