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Hi everyone and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share.

I recently went through the very traumatic loss of a pet which had been my loving and loyal companion for a long time. I have frequent flashbacks of my having to have her put down, those eyes staring up at me and later, my having to bury her. Not only was the loss itself tragic but the many long and stressful months of watching her suffer and go downhill as I tried everything under the sun to try to treat her. This was a nightmare for us both as well.

I'll spare everyone the whole story as it is too upsetting to talk about right now and I don't want to have any "triggers" or flashbacks but the day after I lost my beloved pet is when the shock and reality of it really started to hit me hard.

I already suffer from anxiety, panic disorder and OCD and this whole thing really sent me over the top and I have been in a constant state of anxiety from almost the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. Some of the symptoms are familar but stil frightening...

1) Severe anxiety (almost non-stop).
2) Frequent panic attacks.
3) Feeling off-balance or like my head (or body) suddenly falls to one side.
4) Muscle twitches.
4) Tingling or numbness in my face or arms.
5) Tightness or lump feeling in my throat.
6) Emotional numbness.
8) Adrenilin "rushes" that seem to hit me in the pit of my stomach.
9) Dizzy spells and periods of lightheadedness/vertigo.
10) Heart palps and skipped beats. Racing heart.
11) Obviously, guilt, grief and sorrow at the loss.
12) A few more that I can't remember at the moment.

Perhaps the most pronounced of these symptoms is the anxiety. It is so intense and so prolonged that sometimes I feel like I'm about to go mad. It's almost like my body is filled with a million volts of this "anxiety current" buzzing through me from head to toe. It's an awful feeling.

Which leads me to my purpose for being here today. Is it normal for a person who has just lost a beloved pet to experience anxiety like this?. I mean really severe anxiety that last practically day and night?. Even with my regular Ativan it seems to rage on. Today I took my Ativan and then followed it up with an Atenolol and even used nasal spray which has an antihistamine and seems to help a little bit but lurking beneath the surface the anxiety is always there on some level and with the loss of my pet recenly, it has been completely out of control.

Thannk you for your thoughts on this, Steve

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