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Well before I explain everything I will tell you what happened before all of this. I am 16 and I am around 203 lb and 6'1 and about 1 month ago I used to have left chest tingly/burning pain that felt like needles. When I first got that feeling I paid attention to it and I googled the problem and it said things about heart attacks so I got worried and I am one of those people that would get worried easily. I went to do a blood test ant the doctor called me back for the report and said I have a little high triglycerides and it's not risky though and i SHOULD lower it to be safe. I still had that stinging feeling and every time I paid attention to it I would get out of breath and light headed.

About 2 weeks after the blood test I went to a cardiologist and he said my eKG is fine and normal and he also did something called an echo test or something and he said that it came out fine and my heart is normal with nothing wrong. He explained to me about my shortness of breath and made me breathe in and out fast like how I was doing when I paid attention to it. He then asked if I got light headed and I said yes. He just said it's fine and don't pay attention to it because teen minds when they see medical shows and articles they tend to freak out.

I read that anxiety can cause left chest stinging pain too and so from now on I think the cause was anxiety and I don't pay attention to it and never had chest pain for 1 week. :D I also started exercising more and watched what I ate to lower my triglyceride levels and lost about 5-8 pounds by now.

I also play Xbox for a couple hours straight sometimes(2-8hrs mostly in weekends. Weekdays I usually play 1-2 hrs or less) and lay on stomach most of the time. The main point is [B]when I get up after a long time I feel tightness in my rib/rib cage area and I feel like I can't breathe right and when I bend down or lay down again I can breathe better. This usually lasts about 10-15 mins or less and the pain goes away and I can breathe normally.[/B] What I am guessing is that I lay on my stomach and chest to much while playing.

Is this something to worry about? anything life threatening? because when I don't play xbox at all or don't lay down and sit up I DON'T get this. Just trying to make sure.

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