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Jan 25, 2012
Hello, I am not new to the site but I am new to this topic. I have been dealing with what doctors have called a mysterious illness for about 11 months now. It all started march of 2011 when I was on campus walking from one class to another, I began to feel "dizzy" I thought it was from skipping breakfast, however it never went away. After a couple weeks I went to the emergency room and they said everything was normal. After having it for a month I realized it was not "dizzy" it was more of a floating sensation or swaying back and forth. I have seen a pcp, 2 neurologist, 2 ents, 3 optimologists, cardiologist, infectious disease doctor and none of them can find anything wrong. I have had ct and MRI of brain, blood work, eng, EKG, echo, eye exams, etc.... Every test was normal. These are the symptoms I feel with on a daily basis for 11 months straight, off balance feeling, swaying, nausea, fatigue, internal shaking (a lot in my legs), muscle tension, severe pain in my jaw, face, neck, eyes(which they say is from Tmj) trouble focusing on things, movement of objects which are not moving, tired eyes all the time. The strange part is these symptoms have never gone away I literally have them 24/7 every day, I since have dropped out of school and only work part time. I rarely leave my house because it seems like when I have a lot of stimulus to look at everything gets worse. I seen my Neuro today and he wants to try medrol pack for migraines and if that doesn't work he wants to try me on Paxil. I don't think it's anxiety bc I have never felt anxious or had panic attacks. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Has anybody ever felt like this? I just want answers so I can enjoy my life at 24, enjoy my daughter, and go back to school!!!! Thank you and god bless!!
Re: Anxiety??????
Feb 13, 2012
Okay, so I do understand and have been there myself. I struggled for many years with anxiety and never knew what it was. After the birth of my daughter it got worse but I still didn't know what it was...eventually it turned into panic disorder. I think what someone mentioned was try atavan or xanax ( which are benzo's) before committing to a ssri or an ssnri or a tca. If you find some relief in about 20 mins or so from benzo's it could quite possibly be anxiety! Trauma causes anxiety,( sugeries, accidents, losing a loved one) it also generational,( it can be passed down for 5 learn what you live! it can stay hidden for many years and then rear its ugly head! I also caution you benzo's are highly it wouldn't be something you would want to do long term, and anti-deppressents are usually prescribed for anxiety/panic OCD and depression. They can be great , but also they take 6-8 weeks to work and it is often a hard go in the beginning , you have to be patient as some work for some people and some don't. So it could take 3-4months to find the right one and the right dosage! I found that therapy is a must..must must. CBT works ..but it is only short term, Somatic therapy actually heals the anxiety. stress reduction tequniques, massage therapy for the tension headaches, which feels like a tight back and tight back of neck that stays for days if not weeks! try taking vitamins, I can't say enough about Vit b complex and omega 3's. It has changed my life....and trust me I am very procative in healing myself and have done almost everything to do it! Hot baths, breathing tequniques. I encourage you to eat lean cuts of me and vegetables, try to stay away from carbs, simple carbs cab cause anxiety! Stay away from caffiene, smoking and alcohol, or any stimulants...its a dead end when it comes to anxiety! This is cyclical please try some of these suggestions for you and your daughter because i can certainly look back at my situation and wished I known sooner so I could have enjoed my daughter when she was small, one of the regrets I have to this day! Plus even though there are small right now, she will pick up on your anxiety and it will be generational. Like I said You learn what you live! I see it in my daughter already and she is only turning 4. Please let me know how you do...and most off all be kind to yourself...i'm interested in your progress!

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