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Please help
Jan 25, 2012
I am a 25 year old female on the verge of loosing all hope. I have a story I am hoping someone out there can relate to, for this is my last resort. I used to smoke cigarettes while out partying, all of these things I have quit. All my doctors know this and have tried to convince me that has nothing to do with what i am about to share.
4 months ago I was at home watching a movie with my boyfriend and brother when i developed a tongue swelling sensation, a burning sensation throughout my body, pins and needles from head to toe, shortness of breath, weakness, and what I can describe as electric jolts through my head and chest area. I lost all color in my face and was barely able to stand. I thought I was dying. They immediately called 911. When the paramedics got to my house they checked my pulse, blood pressure and did an EKG. Everything was fine only I refused to believe so. I went to the ER where the did blood work, chest X-Ray, and head scan. Everything came back normal so they told me it was a panic attack and sent me on my way with 1MG Ativan. For weeks I still had weird symptoms. When people would talk to me they would sound so far away. I would get those weird head and chest pulses that make me feel like I am having a stroke or heart attack. I began to exercise 5 days a week and started to feel great, Until I got sick with bronchitis. I am better now but cant seem to get rid of these random sensations. Moving to present times. I have now been to the ER twice, Urgent care twice, and have gone through 4 doctors until one discovered I have hypoglycemia (low blood Sugar) and sent me to a specialist. Everyday I am not working i am at the doctors....all that comes out of my visits is a copay. While driving to work today my entire face went numb and my left arm began to hurt. Symptoms of a stroke right? I freaked out! I did a little research and read that numbness in the face can be due to hypoglycemia too. PHEW! Though those are the "regular" symptoms my family and doctors look at me like I am crazy when I tell them about the electric pulses through my head and chest and tell me to breath though them. Breath through them?! They obviously have never experienced what I am going through because when it happens it stops me in my tacks. I am a makeup artist constantly around people. I am terrified of this happening while at work again let alone happening at all. I have become obsessed with trying to figure out whats wrong. I was perfectly normal 4 months ago and like that my life took a turn for the worse. I am currently seeing a therapist and documenting every time I feel an "episode" coming on. Did i forget to mention me jolting awake, heart beating out of my chest, sweating profusely from time to time? Xanex is the only thing that helps but I don't want to rely on a pill to make' me feel normal again. I used to be so bubbly, full of life, and a go getter. I now feel miserable and hopeless. Life is becoming more of a task than a gift. If there is anyone out there that is experiencing what I am going through please Help. I am so scared and tired of feeling the way I do.

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