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I've been on and off of Lexapro since 2006. I too was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I have been off of it for over a year after relying on it for a third time during the above time span. The longest I was ever on it was approximately a year and a half straight. I don't ever want to go on it again, and would love to remain pill free. I worry about the long term effects that have not been studied, and if the pill alters our brains chemistry permanently. I've already seen one study done that showed the incidence of heart disease to happen quicker amongst SSRI users. Anyway, having said all of that, while on the treatment, I ended up completely symptom free and able to move about every day of my life without hesitation. The pill worked absolute wonders for me. It took a good four to six weeks for it to work on me, and the first of those weeks was almost unbearable. If you stick with it, it WILL help you. I didn't experience the weight gain, but being a guy, did have to deal with the sexual side affects. It felt worth it at the time. My goal all along was to only use the medication temporarily, but like I said, got stuck on it for over a year once. Now I do anything I can to avoid anxiety and panic attacks. I try and steer clear of stressful situations, and do things that I enjoy. The most important of those...exercise. Get out and walk if you can't run, every little bit helps, believe me. There are tons of books out there that you can read that have been proven to help with stress and relaxation techniques. If you are able to function without the pill, I say go that route. These things are powerful brain modifiers. If you are debilitated without them, well you aren't living life anyway, so hopefully it doesn't hurt to try them out temporarily. Anyway, hope my story helped a little, and more importantly that yours ends up with you being happy. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of people out there who are worse off than us, so enjoy! Take care.

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