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Well, I finally bit the bullet and decided to do something about my generalized anxiety which has controlled a great deal in my life. I have always felt so embarrassed by it and never felt comfortable enough discussing it with a doctor. I am really happy to have made this step, but I am also very nervous (to say the least) about taking Lexapro. You can really scare yourself to death when you read about all of the unwanted and potential side effects (sexual side effects since I am a newlywed and also dramatic weight gain), even though I know lots of people experience success with this medication without any side effects.

My doctor wrote me a script for 10 mg and advised me to take it everyday in the morning. I am also working with a mental health counselor, so that I do not (hopefully) have to use this medication as a crutch for the rest of my life.

So I have some questions for those of you who have seen success with this medication:

1) In what ways has your anxiety improved? Approximately when did you start experiencing positive results?

2) How long to you plan to use this medication?

3) Rate your anxiety level from 1-10 (10 being horrible) before you started Lexapro and while on your current treatment?

4) What are some relaxation techniques/stress relievers/mantras, etc. do you also do on a regular basis?

Of course, if there is anything else you'd like to share I'd also appreciate it. Thanks, everyone.

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