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I've been on SSRI Celexa and Xanax for about two years to help with panic disorder. I can say that it helped quite well, although today I had a very strange experience today.

I'm usually the type of person who doesn't get upset, at least not "on the outside." Today I don't know what, I sort of snapped and pounded my fist into the wall and yelled a profanity at a worker in my home who had broken something and was not taking responsibility for it. It kind of scared him or made him wonder what is going on.

It happened really fast and I was feeling that I wasn't controlling my actions or emotions that something else was. It was very weird.

I heard that SSRI's cause weird side effects, but I thought all that has passed since I've been on it for so long. Does anyone know if these meds can cause such things or was I just extremely frustrated and couldn't hold it in, in other words, normal?

Again this is never my behavior and have never done such a thing to anyone in my life. My concern was the feeling of not being in control. I had to walk away far away quickly. I later told him sorry about that you made me upset. I'm feeling pretty bad about the situation now and sort of worried it might occur again in the future.

Has anyone experienced this while on a SSRI and/or Xanax?

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