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The floating on air thing is something I definitely experience. Everything seems surreal. I believe they call it depersonalization or derealization or something like that. Yes, it does happen with anxiety.

One thing you mentioned that struck me is that you have a 50% damage to your balance system in one ear. I actually have the same thing. It's 30% for me in my left ear. Several years ago, I was hit with some kind of illness where I experienced severe vertigo and it felt like my head was in a vice. This went on for months (and no, this was not anxiety, it was an actual illness). I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis and I get checked yearly by a neurotologist (special ear doctor) to ensure that it doesn't get any worse. Along with this problem, I also developed a constant ringing in my left ear (it's called tinnitus). Thankfully, I haven't lost any hearing. As you may imagine, while this was going on, my anxiety was through the roof, making that entire period of my life a living nightmare. It was at that time when I had CAT scans and MRI's of my brain to make sure there was no tumor. Now, I'm at the point where I don't even notice the ringing anymore. I only hear it in a very quiet room. And my brain has compensated for the balance problem and I have no balance issues at all. The fact that you feel that rubber band like pressure around your head makes me wonder if you are experiencing a similar type of thing. I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose you. But that is exactly what I experienced when I had the labyrinthitis and I also suffered damage to the balance nerve. The good news is, it went away. It took several months, but it did get better.

You mention jerky movements and, again, I have experienced something similar. When my anxiety was at it's worst, I literally couldn't fall asleep because every time I started to fall asleep, my body would literally jerk awake. Like my whole head, or an arm, or a leg would actually jump and wake me up. It is called a myoclonic jerk. Not sure if you experience that. As my anxiety calmed down, that stopped.

As far as medications, they tried me on Zoloft first. I had an alergic reaction to that where I broke out in hives all over my arms so they switched me to Effexor. What I will say about Effexor is that it really seemed to totally numb me out. Personally, I hated it. It was also an absolute nightmare to get off. It required a VERY slow taper otherwise I experienced really weird side effects. They then tried me on Lexapro. Lexapro seemed to be mild and evened me out a little. It didn't seem bad, but I just kind of discontinued taking it because I'm not the type who like to take pills forever. What I swear by is Klonopin. When I get into that nonstop cycle of anxiety, Klonopin interrupts it and gets me back to normal. It hasn't failed me yet. I will only stay on it a week or two at most because of the potential for dependency.

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