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ty the cops know all about it. i called 911 the day it happened. while the whole thing was going on i was trying to call 911 but my fingers werent working all that well so while trying to dial i was screaming help 911 help and what not. animal control took the dog that day and told me they would do there best to make it difficult for the owners to get the dog out unfortionately they got the dog out the very next day. my therapist is concerned right now that im going to have a nervous break down. i had a sort of nervous break down when i was 15 thats when i was diagnosed with ptsd. i was on meds for all of my problems til i turned 18 and got pregnant and i dropped them all. since then i sort of learned to deal without the meds until this happened it raised my anxiety level so high i dont even know what to think about it. so yes the dog is a big anxiety problem and im looking at possibly dealing with the dog for atleast another month or two til we go to court and i certainly can not function for months on no sleep and almost constant anxiety attacks. im at a loss with this one i dont know what to do. my therapist is working as fast as she can to get me in with the psychologist in her building or whatever you want to call it. i just think its time i stop trying to act like im so strong and i can just deal with it. i cant and i know that now. in the mean time i just want to figure out what meds i should ask for that have a better chance of helping my anxiety WITHOUT knocking me out because i have two 3 year old little boys to take care of with usually half the day by myself while my husbands working. im lost the only med i ever took was 1mg xanax and yes it helped my anxiety but it also put me to sleep most times. any advice?

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