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***I realize this is long, but please read and try to help. I don't know what to do!!!***

I made it to work today. I'm a teacher, so I am not being very effective but I am here. I really need to talk to someone...anyone who might understand.

I have been waking up with extreme anxiety and don't want to go to work. There is no particular reason that I can think work situation is better than it has been in years, the only thing that I think can explain it is new medication. Here is the background:

For years I was on anti-depresants prescribed by my general practitioner. Last year I was on 3 (lexapro, effexor, and abilify) and felt that I was on too many medications. I moved in August and had to wait until January (insurance reasons) to go to a doctor and get back on AD's. I thought it would be a good opportunity to clean out my system of what I was on and start fresh with just one, maybe 2 medications.

October through January were rough, but my partner and I got through it. I had my ups and downs, but I was a somewhat normal functioning member of society. I finally made my appointment and saw a psychatrist for the first time on January 13th. He prescribed 20mg prozac and I was hopeful because my brother is on prozac and he is functioning really, really well. On my 5th day of taking prozac I had a bad anxiety attack in the morning. I have NEVER had one before. I didn't want to go to work, but I did. Shortly after I got to work, I broke out in hives. I called my doctor. He told me to stop taking the prozac and prescribed .25mg of xanax. The very next day I was fine in the the morning and started taking the xanax in the morning and when I get home from work. I had no more anxiety problems.

January 31st was my next appointment with my psych. He didn't seem concerned about the anxiety, but was concerned about the hives. He prescribed 50mg of zoloft and told me to continue with the xanax and we would taper off of it soon. On the third day of taking zoloft, I experienced extreme anxiety again in the morning and did not want to go to work...but I did. Hives appeared again shortly after I got to work. I called my doc and left a message about what was going on and asked for a prescription for lexapro because I know that had worked in the past. He called back and told me to stop the zoloft and stay on xanax until my next appointment...the 16th!!!

I had hoped that after I stopped the zoloft the anxiety would go away, but it hasn't. Saturday I was good, but Sunday I woke up freaked out. I tried doing some normal activities, but I broke down. I think I'm going crazy. After my breakdown last night at about 6pm I felt better and went to bed hopeful that today would be better. However, I woke up again with anxiety. I would have called in to work, but I missed two days recently due to an illness. I don't want to lose my job or respect of my colleagues, but this is paralyzing.

I NEVER had anxiety before. Is this because of the prozac and zoloft? Why isn't it going away??? Please HELP!!! Thanks.

Sidenote: I would call my doctor, but I don't want to take off work and I also fear that he isn't taking my anxiety seriously.

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