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I don't want to give you medical advice. That's what doctors are for. But I will tell you my experience. I have been on and off Klonopin (a benzodiazepine similar to Ativan) multiple times in my life. I have also been on and off a couple different anti-depressants (Effexor and Lexapro). I have gotten off these drugs on my own, without help from my doctor, simply because I don't want to be on pills if I can help it. Effexor was the worst. Made me feel like a zombie. I recognize that I have an anxiety problem and sometimes the only way to pull myself out of it is using medication. But my goal is to not be on anything if it all possible. For me, the way it works is that I get peaks to my anxiety but, in between those peaks I may go for years where I am perfectly normal and enjoying life like everyone else. I don't want to be on a pill during those times.

Whatever you decide to do, realize that you do need to taper these drugs. Do NOT quit cold turkey. You can have horrible effects from trying to do that. When I've gotten off Klonopin in the past, I have done it over the course of 3 or 4 weeks, gradually reducing my dose ever so slightly every few days.

It's best to get off of these things with the support of a doctor. However, my doctor is a bit of a pill pusher too. In his mind, you need to stay on this stuff once you start. For me, personally, my goal is to live with as little chemical alteration as possible.

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