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Ever since I first started having anxiety 5 years ago, this has been one of the most challenging things for me to do deal with. It's gotten better over the years to where I don't experience it in all situations where I sit around people like I used to. But it still sucks in the situations I do experience this tense feeling in my neck and in my head everytime I sit in most of my classes. It's kinda weird though, cause I don't feel it in other situations. Like when I eat with people, I'm fine. I used to not be able to eat around people at all, but thankfully I've improved to where I can eat around anyone now. I don't even think I really feel anxious in these situations, but as soon as I sit down, my heck neck tension will gradually intensify, and everything will stay pretty intense until I get up when class is over and it all just instantly goes away. I'm so physically drained and tired from the battle afterwards, and just depressed about things. I can't sit in the front of any of my classes at all, I have to sit in the back just to get the least intensity of my symptoms, but lately even that hasn't helped. My pain level still rises to a 9. And I keep telling myself nothing is happening to me, and nothing ever ends up happening, but my body just won't believe me. Anyone else ever been through this?

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