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Anxiety Issue?
Feb 11, 2012
Hello everyone. This is my first time posting so I'm sorry if it's hard to understand.

To begin, I'm not really sure what exactly is wrong with me. It started when I was dating a girl a few years ago. She lived a few hours away from me so I would go and visit and stay with her occasionally. One time while visiting I got sick. After that, every time I would go to visit her I would feel nauseous and I would never really have an appetite. Since then, the same thing has happened with 2 more girlfriends. However, the nausea wouldn't be there at the start, but would develop months later.

Then the nausea began to get worse. I felt nauseous during my college graduation and struggled to sit through all of it without throwing up. It felt like something was stuck in my throat. A few months later, I felt the same way during my friends graduation, while I was sitting in the audience. Some days I would wake up and feel that way before I went to work.

When I moved back home a few months ago, I would wake up and feel the same way. I feel like there's something in my throat and it feels like my gag reflex is constantly agitated. I gag/cough a lot in the morning, but sometimes it goes away after awhile. It's especially active before I have something important to do, like a job interview. But lately, I feel this way when I'm just at home or going to hang out with some friends. Usually, sipping on some soda, chewing gum, or eating some peppermint candy helps.

I hardly ever really throw up, only a few times since I began to feel this way. But everytime I go somewhere now i'm worried about throwing up or feeling like it. I'm worried because I start my new job in a few days and don't want to get fired because i'm always sick. I can't really go out or hang out with anyone because of it.

Sorry if this is so long, but I wanted to be thorough in describing everything. Could anxiety be causing all these problems? How should I deal with it? Thanks!

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