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Has it occurred to you that these drugs just simply don't work over the long term? These drugs affect serotonin in the brain and anxiety has absolutely nothing to do with serotonin and there is not a doctor on the planet that can prove that it does. It's all theory and conjecture. Try asking a doctor to prove you have a serotonin deficiency and they will go ummmm, wellllllll! You are on SSRI's and Benzo's? Anxiety is a learned habitual negative thought process pattern that set's off the adrenaline gland. Drugs will never cure that. It just amazes me how many people are been misled about all this. I had a doctor tell me once "well, you have to believe the drugs are going to work in order for them to work" I said "seriously ..... you have to be kidding me". That's why in studies, these drugs work no better than a placebo (if the patient doesn't know they are getting a placebo). Big Pharm has tried to hide these studies from the public because of the billions of dollars made by the pharmaceuticals, but the studies are out there. I had a deadly reaction to an SSRI and I'm lucky to be here today. I used to have anxiety, but I don't suffer from it anymore and I didn't need drugs to get there. The only anxiety I would probably experience today is reading about all the people who are on these dangerous meds and not getting better and getting frustrated that they just don't get it. We have truly become a medication nation. If you want permanent freedom from anxiety, you will have to deal with it at it's core and not cover it up with meds. It can be done, I did it, I had no choice .... I couldn't take the meds that they claim will cure you! Good luck and I wish you all the best!

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