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Re: Lexapro
Feb 18, 2012
db ..... it is a huge accomplishment that you have been off for over a year. Pat yourself on the back and be proud of that. Please try not to worry about the long term affects. You have to look at it this way .... there are hordes of people who were addicted to street drugs and were successful at getting off and live well today. The chemical compounds in some of these SSRI's are similiar. How they get away with advertising them as "non-narcotic" is beyond me. If they have horrific withdrawal symptoms, and act like a street drug coming off, then to me, they are a narcotic or at least very very similiar. The body has wonderful healing powers and the thinking mind is very powerful.

This subject is more sensitive than religion or politics it seems. "Don't mess with a person and their drugs". What affects some people horribly, may have less devastating effects to someone else (at least until they try not taking it). Fear is a very uncomfortable emotion and anxiety is all about fear. Our emotions affect brain and body chemistry on their own. That IS proven. Have you ever wondered why autism that was pretty rare 30 years ago, now is 1 in 110 children? Could it be that the increase in SSRI use since 1980 has risen by over 400%, and pregnant mothers took these drugs? Could be, but we won't find out for sure until the research is done and allowed to come out. Now there are huge warnings about these drugs on fetal development, just as there are with street drugs. It's just a hidden dirty little secret that the drug companies don't want to expose and people don't want to believe.

Be proud of yourself and be well. Every accomplishment you make toward peace of mind, you need to congratulate yourself. It take courage to be open to the truth no matter where it leads. Since my recovery, I have come to the conclusion that if Jim Jones can convince 900 people to drink Koolaide that will kill them, then a mega multi billion dollar government connected industry like Big Pharm can and has hidden adverse data and addicted a society under the guise of a cure and people have believed it all because they are desperate to find help (as I was) and didn't get the right help. The road to hell is paved with good intentions I guess. For me, once I started researching all of this and got angry enough about what happened to me ..... that was half the anxiety cure. Education is power and the people have a right to know ALL the data. It's coming out a little at a time. It's a scary prospect. 10's of millions have been put on these drugs in this country and we would have a mess on our hands if they all started questioning and going off of them abruptly. Here's another little tidbit ...... John Nash, in the movie "A Beautiful Mind" recovered drug free from schizophrenia. The movie producers (one of which was either a psychiatrist or closely connected to one), did not want to portray that out of fear that people would go off their medication without doing it correctly. The movie portrayed him as only being well with the meds. He also did not see the three imaginary people the movie portrayed. I've seen many of his interviews since. He was messed up at one time but he's a functioning elderly man today. I'm certainly not claiming that schizophrenia is not devasting and meds are helpful. I'm just saying that if there is a possibility of non-chemical cure for some of the less devastating conditions, would that not be more appealing? There is so much misinformation out there and it's hard to find out the truth when it's so well hidden from the public and people will believe what they want to believe. Humans are vulnerably gullible, as I have been in the past. They need to be given ALL the facts so they can make an educated decision regarding their own health and health of the family and children. If they want to take the drugs ..... fine, but they deserve to know all the facts .... all of them.

Be well ..... I know you will!

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