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Being anxious can definitely cause higher blood pressure. By higher I mean 140-160, which is high, but not life threatening. I know of people, who would get 180-200 and that is much higher if you ask me. Those however did not have anxiety, but some other condition I am not familiar with. Occasional high blood pressure is not extraordinarry.

I too worry very much occasionally about my health. This can cause high blood pressure and even rapid heart rate. So most of the time during the day my heart rate is about 90 beats per minute. When I am relaxed in the night and know that I can have a good sleep it goes down to 60. My blood pressure during the day is around 130/80 and when I am relaxed it goes down to 120/70. When I am really anxious it was higher though, maybe 145/95.

Yesterday I had something that I call an almost panic attack. I was sweating, had a strange feeling in my chest and felt light headed and difficulty breathing. I sat it through, which was pretty uncomfortable. It occured when I was driving to my karate training. I kept telling myself that if I had a serious health issue the doctors would have found it by know, since I have been to a lot of them and I was feeling alright when I took a higher dose of Paxel, so it must be anxiety. I managed to cope with it and get my exercise done, which proved to me that I was right. Had it been my heart I would have felt worse and probably couldn't have exercised. But even then it would not for sure have to be my heart, but anxiety taking over. I am glad that I had won.

I did not used to have high blood pressure. In fact it used to be rather low when I was younger (before having anxiety) 110/70. Nowadays I deal with anxiety and it is higher and I am pretty sure that it is caused by the anxiety. Sometimes I tend to think that it is the other way around, but I do notice that I am listening inside my body all the time and worry too much and think negative thoughts often and that I attribute to anxiety itself.

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