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thought I would give a shout out and see what experiences the folks on this board have had with Topamax. I have been on Remeran for about 3 months and my weight is steadily increasing -so the pschy. has asked me about also, taking this topamax with the Remeran. He says they have had good results with helping to control the weight gain. Starting out with 2 a day increasing to 4 a day after 10 days. He proceeded to lay all the side effects....possible increase in causing kidny stones, the inability to feel heat and the possiblity of heat exposure and one not feeling it....the poss effect of not being able to express a thought without pause to try and remember just what you were thinking and lastly..the increase a small chance in glaucoma in some pts. I am at a loss. the remeran has worked but I know the weight is a problem. I have gained 15lbs in 3 months. He asked about just switching to Wellbutrim, I have no experience with this drug...I have tried Zoloft on 3 occasions thru out my life the last experience caused too many heart palpitations...My anxiety is thru the roof when starting a new med....if I read the side effects you can best bet I will have some of them...Any Ideas or success on anxiety meds you have had would be appreciated. Thanks. Janet
[QUOTE=cook53;4940891]Thanks for your input. I already do the things that you suggested...I never eat fast food, walk daily, and only drink water with all meals and thru out the day. I too believe that some people are predisposed to weight issues. But I feel that I already do what is above necessary to maintain. It is just one of the known side effects of this drug. As for Paxil I tried one day of it and felt that I was in a panic most of the day. I will never use that drug.[/QUOTE]

Then rest assured that you are on the right way. I am exactly the opposite. I try to eat more but I can't seem to gain a single pound. It can be frustrating when you are rather slim. People are different and everyone has his own little problems. Anxiety is a larger problem compared to our weight I guess.

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