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I hope this isnt too long, but I feel I need to post what I have been going thru, and why I have reached the conclusion that what I have is severe anxiety.

It all started in Dec 2009 when a a girl who used to be my friend at that time convinced me to take this diet pills that as she claimed were natural. She was taking it along with her husband and her mother and everyone was losing weight amazingly and had minimal to no symptoms. I am against these kind of pills but then I was desperate as my son was already 1 year old and I was still carrying the baby fat. I took a pill on empty stomach for 2 weeks and on day 3 I started to feel weird symptoms like my heart was racing, I had something stuck in my throat, my chest/esophagus was so tight, I started to have burning sensation in my chest as well and I started having a lot of tension and insomnia, and was irritated a lot of the time!.

I stopped the medication and then I went to see a gastro as I was left with the burning sensation, the dry mouth, heartburn, irritability, I was so nervous all the time! As I entered the doc office he said to relax because I looked really tensioned up and nervous, I said I was fine that I dont want to feel like this anymrore, then he did an endoscopy and looked not worried and said I had little acidity and was put on Nexium. Did nothing to me. Then went to another gastro and was put on Pariet for 6 months and nothing good happened either.!

Then I got so nervous with my health that I was always searching for answers and all what I used to read was about HIV, Sjogern syndrome, even cancer was coming to my mind since I wasnt getting cured! I went then to see a thyroid doctor and checked me said thyroids are fine, checked my vit B, magnesium, iron, CBC, all normal! then he send me to ENT, Dermatologist and joints specialist, all ruled out Sjogern. I then went and saw another gastro and said its good to take again PPIs which I didnt because I didnt see any result from it! I have also got so addicted to search for supplements and have bought around 12 supplements to see if they can help me with my health like calcium citrate, mag citrate, DGL tables, HCL betaine, Zinc, probiotics, fish oil, you name it! my husband always has fights with me because of this issue but I cant help myself!

Since then I always realized that I have tension all around my body like crazy tension, I bite my nails a lot, and I cant tolerate music, TV, or any sound around me because it makes me so nervous. I always keep worrying about the next thing I have to do, like I worry I dont be able to finish it. My life is stressful, I am a working mom and have a 3 year old son. I dont feel I do things I like, I dont remember anymore doing something relaxing, its all about what surrounds me and not about me.

At this moment my symptoms are what I said previously in addition to indigestion, constipation, IBS, I even worry about sleeping, even if I am tired! I feel fatigue all the time. I exercise but my diet isnt that good. I also forgot to mention I tested for h.pylori and oral thrush but all came back negative. Also I feel I tremble a lot like when I am anxious, and my leg and hands get numb a lot specially when I I wake up.. I also talk a lot in my sleep and my husband says I act like crazy like I see things and scream :( I also wanted to mention that my skin is so dry and my hair falls a lot. My mouth is dry and my tongue has developed fissures from it. My throats are red and I know its from GERD but I believe my GERD is triggered by anxiety as sometimes I would eat something and nothing happens but others happen! I went thru a lot of problems with my husband, and with his family and I am sure it has affected me, I also was present when my family had problems as well (parents, siblings, others), I have gone thru 2 miscarriages before having my son which made me depressed, and my c-section wasnt as expected it would go.

I feel a lot of panic attacks where I just cannot breathe at all, my chest would close up and I need to lay down and concentrate to calm down. If I start thinking what is making me have those panic attacks I just do not know the reason.

Ah, and also forgot to mention that I suffered from post partum depression and was put on Zoloft for 6 months. That was like a year ago. Now from my crazy thoughts I read somethng related to "vargus nerve' where I thought maybe it has something to do with what I feel and went to a neurologist, and he said that there is nothing with the nerve and that I am stressed out and feeling anxiety and that maybe the pills I took long time ago stressed out my body and organs and since then I have anxiety issues and he prescribed Cipralex. I am on day 6 - does anyone here take Cipralex?? whats your experience?

I am going to read around the board and see if I can relate to others, and I hope I can heal myself bec this is eating me up.


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