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Hi everybody. This will be quite a long post with series of different questions along the way, but please bear with me as I really need some answers, please read everything. Thanks in advance.

I start having anxiety disorder about a year ago. Whe it 1st hits me
I was scared to death. MY whole body is numb and there is this tingling sensation all over my arms, face and legs. I feel as if i could not breathe, that I could not take another breath. My heart is racing, I'm sweating cold sweat, and I went crazy and shouting for my boyfriend to take me to the doctor because I felt as if I was dyingx or am going crazy and i feel as if i was going to lose control of my body. It is really very scary.

I admit that I went straight to having SSRIs to help me with my anxiety disorder, because it was really bad and any methods that can calm me immediately I gladly accept it.

And so my psychiatrist prescribed me with Lexapro 10mg and Lexotan 1.5mg. I took Lexapro once a day in the evening and Lexapro half pill once every morning and evening to help me stay calm while waiting for the effect of Lexapro to kick in (which is around 2 weeks). and then he slowly put me off Lexotan and I was relying only on Lexapro for about 6 months.

I gotta say that Lexapro helps with my anxiety ALOT and I was feeling happy again and was able to do things. Then I stopped taking the medicine after 6 months as I was feeling great. And then I was free of anxiety for another 6 months, with no help from any medicine whatsoever.

But recently, few weeks back, I can start to feel that my anxiety is slowly coming back. But the things is this time it feels different from the 1st time I am having it. While the 1st time I had it I feel fearful and scared and think too much of every possible thing that will happen to me. Well this time I still think too much but the thing that triggers my anxiety is actually...over excitement.

Sometimes just the joy of thinking of going out for a movie with my friends will lead me to having anxiety. Is this possible? that excitement can triggers anxiety? and it kinad feels different from last time.

This time when anxiety (is it still anxiety or something else?) from being excited. here is what I feel :

-Light headed
-The sensation of almost losing control of my body/action, unable to control myself (which scares me)
-Jiterry, the urge of fidgeting is powerful

mostly that is how I feel. Is this also a form of anxiety?

One more thing that recently scares me is that I am going to have a seizure. I know it sounds crazy and not that I ever experienced seizure before but this thought just occured to me. Will anxiety, or anxiety caused by over excitement, or anything at all can caused me to have a fit?

Another thing that triggers it is that when I went out with my friends, I was so afraid that when I have an anxiety attack I would behave weirdly and I don't want my friends to know that I have this problem. So just the act of controlling my emotions and how I feel will straight throw me into an anxiety attack and I will need to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to calm myself down. this really bothers me alot!

So about 2 days ago I went to my doctor and told her about what happen to me and she prescribe me again with Lexapro. I dont know whether I should start on this medication again as I am not sure whether what I am having now is anxiety or soemthing else as it feels different from the last time I had anxiety

Oh also I read a bout serotonin syndrome and that kinda scares me and make me doubt about having Lexapro again, what if my serotonin level is normal and I was just being nervous or whatever and if I take Lexapro my serotonin level will be too high? ALL THIS WHAT IFS IS DRIVINGME CRAZY! I guessed I worried too much and I cannot stop googling looking for more sypmtoms and what would happen if i do this if I do that if I have this if I have that and stuff and I would end up getting really scared!

Am i still having anxiety?! or more than that? Lexapro had help me before, do you guys think I should be taking it again? There are days I would feel find and I would be thinking "see, you dont need to me on medication again afterall" but next minute I would feel worry and i would be like "I think I should take the medicine again"


What should i do? =( should I really start on Lexapro again and get this over with?

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