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[QUOTE=dantescritic;4961533]Thank you to both of you, I have a few more questions in a worst case scenario if my bp remained at 155/85 constantly would I have a few more years left to live? Like how long would it take to killl me

Does anyone else have a bp obsession?[/QUOTE]Hi. There is no wayyour doctor will allow your blood pressure to remain constantly at 155/85. Do you visit the doctor regular? If it stays that high they will probably add something to what you are already taking.

I now take lopressor 50mg 2 times a day. Lopressor is a beta blocker. I have spikes in my pressure sometimes, but it doesn't stay up like that for long.

Your anxiety, like mine is what causes the spikes. Like you... I constantly worry about having a heart attack or stroke. I know in my heart I should stop worrying about it and my blood pressure would more than likely be normal. I made myself crazy constantly taking my blood pressure. Example...I would take it and it would be 115/70. 5 minutes later, I'd ask myself wonder what it is now........I'd take it and it would be 124/82.... I'd freak out and take it again less than 5 minutes later and it would be 140/90. I'd freak out some more and it would be even higher. I'd keep a log........and would have over 50 readings a day. I would be up at 3 am taking my blood pressure.

When I would go to the doctor I would freak out and expect to get a high reading........and guess what??? I'd get one.

I had to tell myself........really make myself, put my monitor away. It started out on my dresser......I'd walk by and see it and could feel my blood pressure going up. Really, I could... Finally I put my monitor in the drawer where I couldn't see it and made myself go for 2 months and not check it... Then went to doctor...................and expected a high reading and guess what I got one........... Well, at my last doctor visit I told myself.....I am ok... it is what it is......I was still anxious but when they took it I got a reading of 136/74... which was great............

My doctor said when you have hbp......they want your reading to be less than 140/90........with me be anxious about them taking what gave me the high readings at the office.

As far as how long you are going to live, there is no way to tell......but tell you what.... a perfectly healthy person...........that does not have hbp or anything wrong can fall dead of a heart attack and stroke too.

Both of us need to get control of the anxiety and the blood pressure problems will work themselves out. When you start getting anxious......take deep breaths and then let it out........ It does work... Don't constantly think about it.......when I am not thinking about it.......I feel fine.......when I think about it..........I get light headed, anxious.....etc.

Keep busy and your mind off it. Put that monitor down.. Stop taking it so much. It has worked for me. I took mine last week and it was 115/74. If you are going to take it relax 10 minutes before you take it.......and remember body position affects it too... along with eating before taking it.......smoking if you smoke........drinking liquids.......etc. Relax before you take it.

I hope all this helps you... and would like for you to try this and check back in to let me know how it's going.

Working on the anxiety is going to help with the pressure. I hated the fact that I was diagnosed with hbp back in 2005.

Another thing, start eating walnuts, almonds, and dark chocolate... studies have shown that they help to reduce blood pressure and they are really good for you.

When you feel an attack coming on tell yourself.........I am fine... I am going to be fine. I've been through this before and lived to tell about it.

Talk yourself down. I went to a therapist and that is what she told me to do and it actually helps. I don't want to take anxiety medications... so I do this and it really helps. Don't fight the attack, it just makes it worse...breath through them telling yourself you are going to be fine.

Hope this helps you.... sending a cyber hug to you.:angel:

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