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Hi everyone!

I went to see a psychiatrist today. After a week of experiencing panic attacks, severe anxiety and some depression and sleepless nights, I felt I needed help from someone else.

She told me that I am the beginning stages of what could become a panic disorder and that the best way to prevent it from getting out of control was through the use of medication. Now I have never been good at taking medication because I am sensitive to the side effects. I think it has a lot to do with my anxiety. I hate not being in control and I do not like feeling zonked out or not like myself.

She prescribed me 10mg of Celexa for 2 weeks and then told me to up it to 20mg after the first 2 weeks pass. She also gave me .25mg of Xanax and told me to take it at night so that I could sleep. She said not sleeping well is what has caused my anxiety to pain out of control (before now, I functioned as an anxious person). I have yet to take any of the medication. I wanted to get some input on this from all of you before putting anything into my body that can worsen the way I feel.

I asked her not to give me an anti-depressant that would make me gain weight, as I already have a big issue with being overweight (27 year old female , 205lbs and trying to lose it). She also said to take Celexa at night because it could make me tired during the day.

What is everyone's take on the things she said and what she prescribed? Any experience and success stories on Celexa?

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