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"This is the part where the real trouble started. Last night every time I came close to falling asleep I had that huge jolt in my head that startled me awake and made me afraid to go to sleep in fear of having a seizure or something (every time it happened I saw a brief massive flash of light in my head)."

I thought I was the only person in the world experiencing what you just said. I've spent entire weeks with that problem. Long story short all my problems started 6 months ago and needless to say I've been very sick. I also get the muscle twitching that you mentioned for weeks at a time all over my body (face, legs, chest, arms, etc.) I've seen many doctors with no avail. All my test come back normal. I am seeing a neurologist now that wants to run a lot of different tests on my next appointment (April 30th). My internal medicine doctor thinks it is anxiety but my psychologist and the neurologist think different.

Are you having other symptoms like joint or muscle pains? Neck and/or back pain? weakness? I hope you are feeling better.

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