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it all started 2 weeks ago i awoke with pressure in my ears and ear pain , i had to wait a couple of days before being able to sec a doc ( had no insurance ) in that time period my ears started ringing on and off each time getting longer. then i was sitting on the chair and i felt a pop at the bottom of the neck and then warm liquid like feeling , no headache vomiting or anything like that just slight pain and then a warm tingling feeling.

then i started to get headaches which i pretty much have a constant dull headache. i would also get pain behind the eyes ..burning nostril feeling nasil drip..neck stiffness..shoulder pain..i tested positive for strep took pencillan for that a free health clinic then when i got back on military insurance she gave me septra ds for a possible sinus infection. now i suffered from really bad anxiety over these health issues too..i would feel like my viens were burning get hot flashs etc.

i was recently daignosed with hypothyroidism..i also recently went to the ER for bad left chest pain and shortness of breath they found nothing on blood work on EKG...i still get shortness of the breath...i also have gerd and gastritis...

i think it might be an infection that spread to my brain and heart from being to worried to take the septra ds..because i had just taken a full 10 day on pencillian..i am also worried it could be an aneurism or some other bad bacteria..just to be clear all these symptoms showed up within a 2 week period.. could a serious illness take effect in that short amount of time with several trips to the ER taken blood tests find nothing? and my gp found nothing other then the hypothryoidism..

TLR my symptoms: constant headache , shortness of breath , left chest pain , pressure like pain behind eyes , burning nostrils , ear ringing , ear infection/sinus infection , burning vain feeling , hot flash.

which of these are "real" and which are just "axcenity" i have had these checked out all blood work is normal all scans are normal. before all this was happening i just had bad stomach pain from ibs which i now know is gerd and gastritis. i just want to feel better i am still on going seeing my doc but the pain is great.

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