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Hi everyone.

I normally eat one meal each day. This evening it was 2 bowls of meatball stew and 4 pieces of garlic toast. Within a few minutes of eating, my nose began to run and I began to perspire lightly. After dinner, I felt very hot and so I took my temperature and it was 99.6F.

This seems to happen every time I eat. Then, after dinner, my temperature gradually goes down during the course of the evening until it's back to normal again (between 97.4F - 98.4F for me).

This has been going on for year off and on and I have no idea what causes it. I do have various allergies along with IBS, GERD, Gastritis and very bad anxiety/panic disorder.

I read somewhere that your metabolism goes up and your endocrine system kicks into high gear after a meal and that it's normal for your temperature to rise a few 10'ths of a percent after a meal and that for people with an anxiety disorder the temperature can rise as much as 1-2 degrees after a meal.

I was just wondering if anyone else here has every experienced this after eating (ie; mild sweating, runny nose, low-grade fever, etc) or if you have ever known anyone with these symptoms and what it turned out to be.

Looking forward to any input and thanks.

- Steve

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